Monday, September 11, 2006

Radio Interview

Here is a link to my interview on the Bruce and Colin Show, CBS radio. (WTIC/Talk 1080: Hartford, CT).

The archived audio show is available in 2 separate clips under the 'Recent Episodes' column on the left side of the page:

Colin McEnroe with Sohaib Sultan: Part I
Colin McEnroe with Sohaib Sultan: Part II

Enjoy and please send me your feedback!

archived show::
[part 1]
[part 2]


Anonymous said...

Very well done. You responded appropriately to the questions.

Bilal said...

The questioners of this radio program could have been hand selected on a jury and would not have been more perfect. I sensed very sincere cries for the Muslim voice in the public sphere, regardless of the ignorant slants. Your interview on this day was apparently the response of supplicants cries for understanding. I thank Allah for living in a country where such exchanges exist and may Allah preserve the host and you, Chaplain Sohaib.